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Internet connection Speed Test

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If you have ever done an internet speed test or a connection speed test, you already know that you can only do it once in a while. The internet speed tester, internet connection speed test or the cable modem speed tests do not save this data for you and does not run continually, however BBMonitor will. You can track the data and verify that your cable modems, DSL modems, ADSL modems, 56k modems, isdn information or any other connection is running up to par. You can also verify that your service provider is providing service to their specs. If you have the need for speed and want to test internet connection speed then this product is for you. You can test connection speed 24 hours a day and all the data will be stored for you in a database. BBMonitor is the best internet speed monitor on the market today, and best of all is the price. With BBMonitor you will never have to do a speed test again, whether it be a ADSL speed test, modem speed test, DSL modem test, cable modem test, bandwidth test, broadband test or basically any connection test, because you will always have real time data. With BBMonitor you can monitor cable modem tweaks, ASDL tweaks or any other tweaks you wish to try. It is like doing a bandwidth check continuously.

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