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Tennis is one of the best Fat Burning Cardio work outs you can find!

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Tennis is one of the best fat burning cardio work outs. Not only are your burning fat and getting a great cardio work out, but you are having fun at the same time! There are many great fitness work out techniques that you can use to enhance your tennis game at the same time burn fat.

Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

Start out at the baseline run up to the first line touch it run back to the base line reach down and touch that run up to the net touch the net, run back to the baseline and touch the base line. This workout exercise is not only a great calf building exercises but it keeps you on the tennis court, helps with footwork and helps you get through those long sets in a tennis match. I would suggest doing this fitness work out techniques before you start your tennis workout at least 4 or 5 times. Itís also a great technique for coaches for the fitness work outs.

Great Fitness exercise on the tennis court

Another great way is to run up and down bleachers or stairs. This helps build up those calf muscles as well as provide great strength. When coaching tennis I would have all of my students start practice by grabbing a ball and bouncing it up in the air with their racquet. This exercise is a great way to practice you hand eye coordination. Get your students use to watching the ball hit the racquet. Itís also something you can practice anywhere! The more you do it the better coordination you will have.

Workout exercise that builds your hand eye coordination

I would then have all of my students line up against the fence and sit like they are sitting in a chair but only their legs are holding them up. This will help with tennis stamina as tennis games can get pretty long when you consider tennis score after deuce and tie-breakers. Sometimes it seams like they will last forever and it comes down to mental toughness and stamina.

Workout that builds stamina and mental toughness

Tennis in itself is a great fat burning cardio work outs and a great calf building exercises. The best part about it is the more you play the better workout exercise you will get with this program, and the more fun it becomes! Itís much better than staring at a wall in a gym running and getting nowhere on a treadmill. Itís a great fitness work out technique that will get you going back for more. And the best part about it is you only have to find one other person to play with instead of a whole team! It is fun entertaining and you can always go at your own pace, and get that fat burning cardio work outs you have been trying to find!

Fat Burning Cardio Work outs you want to do

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