Game Tennis Rules

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Game Tennis Rules

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Game tennis rules you may not know!

When the tennis ball hits the net on a serve
If you are serving and your ball hits the net and lands in you get to take another serve. So if you are on your first serve then you get to do your first serve over. The ball must land in though. If it bounces on the net and lands out then you receive a fault and have to do your second serve.

When your opponent is struck by the tennis ball
The game tennis rules over most any other sport because you don't need whole team. Here is yet another great tennis rule you need to know when you are playing on the court! Though it may be funny or tragic, if you hit your opponent with a ball you get the point!

Your opponent's tennis racquet lands on your side of the court
If your opponents racquet goes over the net to your side of the court you get that point!

Is the tennis ball out of bounds if it lands on the line?
The tennis ball is in if it lands on the white line. This means any part of the white line. If the ball lands on the outside of the line, but is still barley touching the line, it is still considered in and it counts!

Check back soon as we are daily adding new rules on the game tennis rules over all other sports. Learn the tennis rules you may not know and add any you would like to share!

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