How do you keep score in tennis

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How do you keep score in tennis?

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How do you keep score in tennis is something many people ask as well as learing how to score after deuce

You always hear game set match, now you will know and understand the difference and what it all means! Zero scores in tennis are called love. So the game starts out love, love. The score is called out first starting with the person serving’s score and then the opponents score. So lets say you are serving and you win the first point. Then you would call out 15, love. Which means you have made one point and the opponent is still at zero. You are still serving and you win the next point as well then the score would be 30, love. If your opponent wins that point then the score would have been 15, 15 or it is also called 15 all. 40 is the next point after 30. You continue by playing the game until someone reaches 40, and you have to win by two points. You basically only play 3 points to a game if you don't start your tennis score after deuce.

Play three points to a game these points are called Love, Fifteen, Thirty, Fourty. Love=0, Fifteen=1, Thirty=2, Fourty=3

However if the score is 30, 40 then you must continue playing until you win by two points. Once you reach 40. 40 it is called deuce. Tennis is scored after deuce can sometimes be confusing and tricky. The score in the game is 40,40 you serve and win that point now the score is called ad-in, if you opponent would have won that point it would be called ad-out. It is always ad-in for the person serving. When the ad is in your favor you have to win the next point otherwise it goes back to deuce! Once you win your three points by two that is game and you have won the game. So remember the tennis score after deuce is easiest remember by knowing that you have to win by two! So now you are 1-0 in the set.

When keeping a tennis score after deuce remember you have to win by two points

The tennis set depends on what level you are playing and what tournament you are playing in how many sets there are. Some are 3 sets and others are 5 sets. You must win 7 games in order to win one set. If you reach 7-7 you play a tie-breaker which is only seven points you take turns on who is serving. Tennis game rules can be somewhat confusing at times, which would explain why so many people ask how do you keep score in tennis, but you will get the hang of it once you really start playing and read over these great tips and rules. I think the most difficult is the keeping the tennis score after deuce, once you master that the rest is easy!

You must win seven games to win one set.

Positions at the first of the game will be determinded at the start of the tennis game. You will also have to choose who starts first. Usually this is determined from a person spinning their racquet like a coin and picking the side it will land on. If you win you choose if you want to serve first or if you want your opponent to serve first. You choose to serve. You will want to first start out serving on the forehand side of the court. Then go to the backhand side after the point is played out. Give your opponent enough time to get ready for your serve, this is just proper tennis etiquette. Once the game is played out you and your opponent will switch side of the court. After the first game you alternate sides every two games. Just remember to switch sides when the score adds up to an odd number it will make it easier.

Start on the forehand side of the court when serving and switch sides when the score is an odd number

We hope we have answered all of your questions on how do you keep score in tennis, feel free to e-mail us if this article did not answer all of your questions we will be more than happy to help out!

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