How to put topspin on a tennis ball

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How to put topspin on a tennis ball

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Knowing how to put topspin on a tennis ball is the most important tool and form to learn when playing tennis. It should be the first thing you learn! We will be going over how to hit a top-spin forehand, how to put topspin on a tennis ball, topspin serve tips, learning topsin in tennis, etc.

The most basic and easy thing to remember when you are learning how to hit a top-spin forehand is you want to start your racquet low and follow through high. Low to High! Remember that phrase and every time you hit a ball say it over in your head. The result of hitting a ball with good topspin is you have the ability to hit the ball and make it go faster than any other type of swing! Also, you set limitations when you play with just a slice. You will reach a point when playing other types of forms where you canít hit it any harder to make it go faster. With knowing how to hit a top-spin forehand you will also able to hit the tennis ball to were your opponent has a difficult time hitting it as hard back.

Hit the ball by moving your tennis racquet LOW TO HIGH

A slice should only be used when approaching the net. When you have mastered how to put topspin on a ball your accuracy will jump tremendously. It may not seem like it at first, but once you practice and get good at it, you will drop you old slice or flat hits. Learning topspin in tennis can be difficult at first, but it will pay off in the end. Once you master the groundstrokes and topspin you can now apply it to your serve. Learning topspin in tennis and applying it to your serve will give you a well rounded game and will give you the ability to go further with you game.

Learning how to put topspin on a ball will increase your accuracy

Topspin serve tips
The best topspin serve tip I can give you is to not throw the ball in front of you like a traditional serve, throw it behind you. This will give you the ability to put more topspin on your serve right from the beginning. If you apply your topspin serve tips you will be able to completely throw your opponent off as a good topspin serve is more accurate. A lot of people use it for their second serve. It also puts a good spin where you will have your opponent running!

Learn how to put topspin on a tennis ball and apply it in every tennis stroke!

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