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1,101 One-Liners for business speakers and anyone who needs a laugh and wants to add humor to everyday life! This is great for business speakers that are looking to add humor to their seminar! Humor is a great way to make your audience feel comfortable. Humor lightens the business atmosphere and gives way to a new audience! Donít give a seminar or public speech without adding a little humor to it! Keep your speeches intriguing to the audience with humor! Or wake up a sleeping class by adding humor! Humor will make your day go by better and classes go by faster! You can always brighten someoneís day by giving them a little humor! So if you have been looking for a way to add humor to your speech, or if you have been looking for ways to add humor to just about anything in your daily business work day check out this book! You can download it instantly and start adding humor to all aspects of the business world!

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