Instruction beginner tennis backhand

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Instruction for beginner's tennis backhand

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I would like to concentrate the instruction for the backhands towards the people who are beginner tennis backhand players. Questions arise for beginners trying out the backhands whether to use one hand or two hands. I believe that the best instruction beginner tennis should start with two hands.

Learn the two-handed backhand!

This will help with power as well as to avoid the terrible habit of always hitting a slice for your backhand. A slice can be a good tool if used right, but it is so much better to constantly hit with a powerful topspin backhand! Instruction beginner tennis backhand players should not receive is how to hit a slice backhand! Hitting a slice using your backhand is what beginners use quite a bit. It may seem like a lot easier to hit in the beginning, and you can put a lot less effort into it. However, it can develop very bad habits that will hurt your game.

Learn to hit a topspin backhand before mastering your slice backhand game

Even if you choose to hit one handed backhand, your back should almost be completely facing the net when you bring your racquet down to the ground before you hit the ball and you should end up facing the net. Instruction for beginner tennis players should know the basic rules that apply to every stroke. Watch the ball hit the racquet, know how to distribute weight, and always hit low to high. How to analysis the tennis backhand is easy, just go back to the basics if you canít find out why it is not working. Memorize the few basic things you need to know and go over each thing in your mind until you have mastered it. This instruction beginner tennis backhand players should use as their golden rule when picking up a racquet and swinging a backhand.

If nothing else go back to the basics to improve your tennis backhand

We are now offering instruction beginner tennis backhand for those who reside in the California.

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