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Motor Oil

Click here for pricing information get your motor oil questions answered!

This is a great book that explains any questions you may have on motor oil! It will give you the knowledge on synthetic motor oil. The following are a few myths that this book will explain:

1.  Black oil is dirty oil and must be changed: FALSE

2.   Synthetic oil is not compatible with petroleum oil: FALSE

3.   Once you change to synthetic you can never change back: FALSE

4.  Synthetic motor oils damage seals and causes leaks: FALSE

5.  You can only change to synthetic motor oil after "break-in": FALSE

6.   Synthetic oil is too "slippery": FALSE

7.  Using synthetic motor oil and not changing it according to your manufacturers recommendations will void your warranty: FALSE

8.  Synthetic motor oils will not reduce oil consumption: FALSE

9.  Synthetic oils will cause wet clutches to slip: FALSE

10:   Your change oil light is on so that means the oil is dirty and must be changed regardless of the type of oil used: FALSE

11.  Aftermarket oil additives are beneficial: FALSE

12.  The API insignia means the oil is the ultimate in high quality: FALSE much more!

This is a very informative book on motor oil and is a great learning tool for any mechanic and anyone dealing with motor oil! Click on the link above to get this great book on motor oil!!!

Click here for more great motorcycle resources!

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