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Wireless Spread Spectrum Course Preview!
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Probability vs Eb/No Curves

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing OFDM

Minimum Shift Keying using

A Costas Loop for Demodulation

Forward Error Correction FEC Using Block and Convolution

Early Late Gate Autocorrelation for Sliding

Adaptive Filters for Narrow Band Jammers

SATCOM and GPS NavigationOFDM

Root Locust Plots for AGC/PLLs

Wireless Spread Spectrum Course will soon be availble on CD!!!

The list is growing every day please e-mail us your e-mail address so you can be first notified of great introductory prices on the CD as well as exact completion times!

Talk-Info is pleased to provide you with the best communications information page on the web!
Digital communication fundamentals! You will learn the Basics about digital communications and gain a good intuitive feel for this ever expanding field. This course covers digital communications Fundamentals and describes different methods of sending and receiving digital messages.

Get all you need to know about wireless communications and more with these great seminars, and get the best lecuture on frequency modulation and much much more!

Wireless and Spread Spectrum Design Course

Broadband Communications and Home Networking Course

Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communications

Please e-mail me if you are interested in any of the above courses at

You can learn about digital communications, modulation and demodulation techniques, spread spectrum systems, anti-jam and low probability of intercept data links, link budgets, digital to analog converters usb adapter, predator datalink, blue tooth, home networking, multipath, adaptive filters, ISI, navy tactical data links program office, ofdm simulation using matlab, predator datalink, lectures on frequency modulation, which include information on frequency modulation +4bits, data communications over power cables, quotes datalink stock values, opening ports 2.4 GHz wireless broadband router, vme frequency hopping synthesizer, ism ofdm amplifiers, datalink for advertising, datalink history military, history and data communications, digital to analog speaker converter, definition of data communications, uwb multiband ofdm location ad hoc, uwb ofdm location determination, analogue modulation of digital signals, spread spectrum devices used in the army, digital modulation communications angle modulate systems, broadband insight communications, communications digital frequency modulation transmitter, analysis digital communications systems. You will also learn about digital communications definition, basic digital modulation, universal broadband communications, software programmable radio, cognitive radio, and so much more! You will get a chance to learn about telephony, wireless networking, 802.11, group delay, costas loops, digital signal processing DSP, and frequency hopping spread spectrum. Get started and learn how to perform your own analysis on digital communications systems and impress you boss and co-workers with the new communications information! In addition, you will learn about error correction and error detection, probability theory, GPS and navigation, phase modulation, BPSK, QPSK, MSK, OQPSK, and other modulation techniques.

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