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How to write a Resume

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A well written resume is one of the most important keys to finding the job you want. You must know how to write a resume to even be considered for a job, because it is getting harder and harder to find the job you want, and without a well written professional resume you will be left behind.

Remember your cover letter should only briefly summarize what is on your resume using only a few key points. And just like the cover letter you need to make a resume on what you can do for the company. Your resume objectives are also very important, and should be specified for each individual job on separate resumes. The employers want to know what your objective is, and it should be very direct. Learn how to write a resume and make it professional!

A big mistake people make when when writing a resume is leaving in the word I. Take out the word “I”!!
Never put the word “I” on your resume. It’s a rule most overlooked by people who are learning how to write a resume.

”I work well with others”
Works well with others.

Small items such as leaving the word I out can make the look of your whole resume completely different! It gives you a more professional resume look as well as more pleasing and easy to read. The less words the employer has to sort through to get to the meaning of what you are saying the better!
Remember the employer has hundreds and thousands of resumes to sort through, less is more. Try and keep your resume down to only a page, two pages if needed. When writing your resume you want to have bold titles and make it easy to pick out subjects or items without having to read through all the other subjects.

Put your name and a way to contact you very clearly (most people put it right at the top in bole and centered) That way they don’t have to search for a way to get a hold of you.

Make sure you elaborate on skills and your past employment. Learn some great descriptive words to describe your goals and skills. And know what subjects to include on your resume and what not to include! Make your resume enjoyable to read and look at, but at the same time professional and packed full of information your employers wants to see!

We hope we have helped answer your questions on how to write a resume!

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