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Techniques for your tennis forehand!

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Some quick and easy pointers to improve or learn how to hit a topspin forehand!

Learn the best techniques tennis forehand players need to know! The best way to hit a forehand is with topspin. Always watch the ball when it comes in contact with your tennis racquet do not look at where to ball is going to go or at your opponent! That is the number one lessons for your tennis forehand, as it is for every part of the game.

*Watch the ball*

*Hit a topspin forehand*

*Move your feet*

*Weight Transfer*

Start you racket close to the ground, and bring it up over your shoulder. Positioning yourself properly is also a very important tennis lesson when hitting your forehand. You must be able to move! Have good footwork. A good technique to have is also weight transfer. Always step into the ball and not away from it. When you step away from the tennis ball it is usually caused by poor footwork. So it you have good footwork and watch the ball as well as apply good footwork you have the a great recipe for your tennis forehand! I found the best way to master the tennis forehand is to find a safe wall to hit against and focus on all the techniques pointed out above and focus on your form. The follow through is very important it should be high up over your shoulder, to help get that “low to high” topspin down. Please feel free to e-mail me any of your techniques tennis forehand players needs.

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