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Tennis Serve FAQ

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Welcome to Talk-Info's tennis serve FAQ. We hope this tennis serve FAQ will help you better your tennis game and answer any questions you may have.


Hi! I visited your web site and had a couple of tennis questions, maybe you can help me out. I play tennis, and I got a new racket. I really like it, but the only problem is that everytime I serve the ball goes just beyond the square. I know I'm not snapping my wrist the way I should be, but I can't seem to get it. I am able to get the ball to go in the square if I tap it, but I want my serve to be powerful. If you have any tips or advice, and even just training tips, feel free to e-mail me. Thanks


You might not be reaching high enough for the tennis ball when you serve. The ball toss and where you hit the tennis ball on your racquet is just as critical as your wrist snap.
*Stand against a fence, throw the tennis ball up and stop it with your racquet against the fence. You can then visually see where the tennis ball is hitting on your racquet, and practice hitting it on the 'sweet spot' (the top part of your tennis racquet)

The "wrist-snap" will come natural when you perfect your form. Swoop, Loop, and Followthrough is what I teach my students. Swoop the racquet down, make a Loop behind your head, and a smooth Followthrough will help get the basics of your serve.

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The tennis serve faq section is all the e-mails we have recieve from people with tennis serve questions. Please e-mail us any tennis serve question you may that you cannot find below! This site is dedicated to learning and teaching. If you have any tips or hints you would like us to post please e-mail us! If you have any questions please e-mail us so we can add to our internet learning experience. Feel free to e-mail us with any comments you may have! We hope you have enjoyed our tennis serve FAQ!

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