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Tennis strategies singles doubles free at no charge!

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We would like to provide you with tennis strategies singles doubles free to you to get in the game and beat your opponent! Once you get to a point where you are able to play a match you need to know tennis strategies for both singles and doubles! These tennis strategies are a must for players ranging from the player in their first match all the way to the pro’s all need to know tennis strategies singles doubles free! We’ll start with a few pointers for doubles play.

*Free Tennis Strategies*

When you have a doubles partner learn hand signals when it is your turn to serve. Mostly used is a closed fist versed an open fist by the player at the net while their partner is serving. I always used a closed fist when I was going to poach. Poaching in doubles in doubles is a great strategy it throws off the opponent and messes with their mental game, and they don’t know who they are hitting the ball too! Poaching is after the serve goes in and starts the play, both players switch sides, it can be dangerous if you opponent suspects that you will poach as they can hit it to the side where the net person is running too and the baseline player will not be able to cover you because they will be running to the other side. If played correctly can be a very powerful tool to use. Communication with your partner is the best tennis strategy when playing doubles. If a ball is lobbed over your head and you are at the net yell switch to you partner that way they know you are know going to be covering the other side of the court, and they can cover the lob. Also if there comes a time where the ball lands in the middle of both of you and you want to get it yell I got it so you don’t collide racquets or neither player goes for the ball.

*Learning how to correctly poach in doubles is a great mental strategy*

Tennis strategies singles doubles there is quite a difference. One of the best plays you can do is when a ball comes over that is halfway up the court and you must run towards the net to get it. Slice it, and run to the net to play out your volley game. The ball your opponent hits is usually pretty easy to get so they are way back at the baseline waiting for that ‘kill’ shot. Instead slice it and make it drop so they have to scramble for it. If they get to that shot and actually make it over the net you have complete control at that time to hit the ball any place on the court and watch your opponent run and struggle for your well played out tennis strategy!

*Master your drop shots*

Great strategies for singles double for free is pay attention when you warm up. Know before you begin the game what your opponents weakness are and what their strength are. Always warm up before a game hitting the ball back and forth even if your opponent doesn’t want to you can make them! Mix up your shots and know how they handle slices, lots of topspin and how their net play is, if they are intimidated by net play or if you are going to want to keep them away from the net. We hope that these tennis strategies singles doubles free of charge to you will help you to advance your game to the next level!

*Know your opponents weakness before the match*

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