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This is a great book to help women in strength training. It a great resource for training in tennis and getting that speed and agility to beat your tennis opponent!
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Not only do you need to stay in shape but you need to eat properly in order to perform at your highest potential. This is a great recipe book for all athletes including tennis players! Eating healther is a key aspect in staying in shape!
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Being able to move is one of the greatest advantages you can have in your tennis game. This will help with your footwork and give you the mobility to get those tennis hits your opponents sends over!
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Insider Tennis Strategies and Tactics
Learn great tennis strategies and tennis tips and tactics. This is a great way to boost your game when you are looking for a challenging, and efficient way to boost your mental and all around game!
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There is so much to a tennis players game and to have a well rounded game. Bottem Line is the better in shape you are the better tennis player you are. Also, tennis in itself is a great and fun way to stay in shape and be healthy! The more you play the more you will enjoy it and the better shape you will be in. I have listed a few great books and programs that will help you to get in better shape and improve your game to outsmart and beat your opponent. These tools are great for players of all levels, and would also make a great gift to any level tennis player! Please feel free to contact us if you run into any other great tennis resources as we are adding and updating this site continually.

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Insider tennis strategies and tactics

Strength Training for Women

Speed Experts improve your speed, strength and agility

Athlete Recipes